Books written by Gurudev

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  1. Elite should come forward to manage the religious set-up
  2. Eternity of sound and the science of Mantra
  3. Form and Spirit of Vedic Ritual Worship: Procedure of Yagya
  4. Gayatri Sadhana-The Truth and Distortions
  5. Gayatri Sadhana - Why and How?
  6. Gayatri Yajna - An Introductory Profile for all
  7. Hans Yoga: The Elixir of Self Realization
  8. Mahapurushcharan Unique Spiritual Experiment on Collective Consciousness
  9. Miracles of Charismatic Prayer
  10. Music the Nectar of Life
  11. Reviving the Vedic Culture of Yagya
  12. Sleep Dream and Spiritual Reflections
  13. Super Science of Gayatri
  14. The absolute Law of Karma
  15. The Glory of Human Life
  16. The Integrated Science of Yagya
  17. The Melody of Married Life
  18. The Summum Bonum of Human Life

  19. A Manual of Hindu Marriage
  20. Awake O' Talented and Come Forward
  21. Colleagues in Soltitude
  22. Deep Yagya
  23. Dignity of Organizational Skill
  24. Divine Message of Vedas
  25. Donation of Time
  26. Folly of the Wise
  27. Gayatri - The Omnipotent Primordial Power
  28. Great Moments of Change
  29. Gurudev - Prophet of a New Era
  30. Human Brain Apparent Boon of the Omnipotent
  31. My Life its Legacy and Message
  32. Paranormal Achievements Through Self Discipline
  33. Problems of Today Solutions for Tomorrow
  34. Recitation and Meditation - The Two Stages of Worship
  35. Refinement of Talents - Need of the Present Era - Part I
  36. Refinement of Talents - Need of the Present Era - Part II
  37. Reverend Gurudev Some Touching Reminiscences
  38. Rituals Why and How ?
  39. Solving Problems of Life Through the Science of Gayatri
  40. Spectrum of Knowledge - Key to the Art of living
  41. Spiritual Science of Sex Element
  42. Support is Needed for Self-Evolutiion
  43. The Astonishing Power -The Biophysical and Subtle Energies of Human Body
  44. The Great Science And Philosophy of Gayatri
  45. The Life Beyond Physical Death
  46. The Only Solution to all our Problems
  47. The Revival of Satyug
  48. The Spiritual Training and Adoration of Life Deity
  49. What am I ?

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