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Dev Sanskriti Vishwa Vidyalaya


Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya has been established to meet the pressing need to impart global education on scientific spirituality and life style with new though of ethical, moral and spiritual transformation of youths and production of specialists, and devoted nationalists. Excellent character, indomitable courage, firm determination, and intense love for labor, must be their trait, so that they may carve their own destiny. They must have respect for elders, love for younger and compassion for all. Robust faith in own duty rather than right must form the bedrock for their life phenomena.

Dev Sanskriti embraces the culture of angels and involves human values, conventions, practices and life style inherited from the sublime truth adopted by saints, seers and sages of this celestial land. These values are capable to uplift the mankind to the highest state of divinity.

Vishwavidyalaya means the university that serves the human race inhabiting the globe irrespective of nationality, race, religion, faith, etc. and imparts true knowledge for the development of divinity and wisdom in mankind which are essential ingredients for self enlightenment & virtuous transformation of personality besides meeting material needs of peace, progress and prosperity.

Mission & Vision

Aims and Objective

  • Awaken individual's inner spiritual force by sound body and clear mind
  • Create addiction free society
  • Promote Vegetarianism
  • Work towards establishing a well balanced, pollution free ecosystem
  • Harmony, friendship, brotherhood, peace and prosperity of the whole universe
  • Promote Scientific Spirituality
  • Inculcate family and cultural values in younger generation via Multimedia and other state-of the art technology
  • Women awareness

Prakhar Pragya-Sajal Sraddha
Akhand Deep
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