Website Development Technical Team

Left to Right: Ashok, Savita, Pradeep, Manisha and Bikash

Conceived by Pradeep Pathak

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This new website is dream come true of Pradeep Pathak. The main theme of this website is to promote Param Pujya Pandit Shriram Sharma's divine message , to establish highest character in family and individual, through Spiritual power of Gayatri. This is the foundation for the new society. Once Gurudev's literature (CDs, Books, Magazines) is made available to younger generation, a new order of peace will be established by the Yug Nirman Yojna.

Technical and Multimedia Expert Bikash Choudhury

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Bikash dedicated all his efforts in mastering and procuring all the technical gadgets required for Audio, Video, and Photography presentation on this site. He provided timely technical consultancy to webmaster Ashok Gupta.

Web Master Ashok Gupta

Ashok, took on the website developement as a challenge to his technical capabilities and at the same time to keep himself busy on the weekends. During the initial phase of this project, he found himself learning HTML/CSS and slowly becoming an expert in creating multimedia stream files through Real Player. The existence of this website in cyberspace is the result of his long hours of dedication and aggressive nature to get the things done. The lack of DSL service in his city, kind of slowed him down in uploading the files.

Web Developer Savita Gupta

As a recent graduate of HTML course, took full interest in her first website project. Did lot of reading on her own to link the subjects and presentation of the the website. Through out the course of the project, she was always ready to experiment new ideas, color combinations and design of the web pages. This website is due to her long hours of sincere dedicated efforts.

Web Material Organiser Manisha Choudhury

As the second phase of the website is under construction, she will be the main anchorperson in collecting all the materials and coordinating the technical and web development efforts.